Pam and David…… Season Finale

“Hi Dave.” Femi greeted. Please free me.” David responded. “Guy relax now. I was going to tell you about it but didn’t know how to broach it with you.” Femi said. “Femi please GET LOST I don’t ever want to see your face again.” David threw back lividly, walking away. “Fine, I don’t know how shacking up with a girl in your compound is an offense but if you don’t want to listen to me all well and good. I am out.” Femi retorted at the top of his voice.

“I don’t know why it is what I want you are eyeing.” David said. Huh, what did you just say? Femi remarked walking towards David. “You heard me right.” David barked. “I am sure you are the reason Pam doesn’t want to be with me. David added.”

“What the F*** is wrong with you David?” Femi asked. “You want Pam, you want Shola too? You are sick.” Femi chipped in. “Your Pam has been acting all mean and inconsiderate so I decided why not fall back to Shola who genuinely loves me only for her to be sleeping with you.” David calmly explained. “You see David the world doesn’t revolve around you. You cannot eat your cake and have it and I think you are being selfish. So because you could not score with Pam you want to now fall back to Shola? Then you must be a joker.” Femi narrated.

“Thank you.” David said walking away.


Femi returns to the Office Cafeteria and still meets Pam there. He explains what happened between himself and David to her.

“So he was pissed that you were hooking up with his neighbor? That is childish though. I don’t want to be with someone like that.” Pam said. “I tire for the guy o.” Femi added. “He should just please do my work or else I will take a memo to the MD and trust me he doesn’t want me to do that.” Pam rambled. “But wait a minute, did you just consider dating David?” Femi asked. “Come off it Femi, he’s cute to be honest but he just lost some points with that childish behavior.” Pam alleged.

“Sexy Pam, I think you like this guy. Just give him a chance.” Femi urged. “Get out.” Pam said jokingly. “You are saying this because of the Shola girl right? To get David off your back on the matter.” Pam added. “It’s not that jor, I just think if you like him give him a chance. I can vouch that he’s a good lad, he’s just shy.” Femi stated. “Okay you know what? Tell him we could hang out later tonight for the TGIF (Thank GOD it’s Friday) on the condition that he starts my work first.” Pam said. “Easy Peasy.” Femi responded. “He would do that in no time, he’s that good.” Femi bragged. “Cool, so we can say we have a deal.” Pam added.


Femi goes to David’s desk but doesn’t meet him on seat. He drops a note which read, Pam has agreed to hang out with you during TGIF on the condition you start her work ASAP.


*Announcement: This is Chidinma Ihenacho from the MD’s office. All Staff are supposed to leave the office by 5pm for the TGIF holding at the Valley in Yaba.

“Hi David.” Pam greeted. “Hey Pam, I am so sorry about earlier. I was really in a bad mood.” David explained. “It is fine and I think you have Femi to thank for my letting go of the past.” Pam said.  “I don’t know why he likes you so much or worries about you. He even said nice things about you which I would be hoping to find out myself.” Pam added. “So so so you mean we can hang out later tonight?” David stuttered. “No I only said I want to find out if the nice things Femi said about you are true.” Pam responded. “But gosh you are too gentle a man. Of course we can hang out and chat during the TGIF.” Pam added. “What about your boyfriend?” David asked. “We could discuss him too if you so please.” Pam jested. “Oh no I wouldn’t want that.” David motioned. “See you later then.” Pam said walking away. “Take care dear.” David muttered.

Jumping up for joy, David screamed yes she’s agreed to speak with me forgetting he was in a corporate environment. He bumps into the MD who had never seen him so happy and loud.

“What is wrong with you?” The MD asked. “I am so sorry sir.” David responded. “No seriously what happened? Never seen you in a joyous mood and I can’t remember you getting a promotion though you came in highly recommended for one.” The MD said. “It is nothing really sir.” David said. “Ok then.” The MD responded. “Hope you have finished your slides for the presentation on Monday?” The MD probed. “I am wrapping it up already sir and I would give to Rachael for review before the day runs out.” Good then the MD said. “Speaking of Rachael, I will advise you don’t let her down because she so much believes in you.” The MD added walking away.

This has to be the best week of my life. First it was my hang out with Pam and now Rachael happens to be a good boss. David mumbled to himself as he went to his office.


*At the Valley

“Hey bro.” David greeted Femi. “Hi Dave.” Femi responded. “I am so sorry about earlier bro. I didn’t mean to spaz out like that.” David said. “It is fine bro. I am also sorry I didn’t mention Shola to you though she told me she had feelings for you but I knew you had eyes for Pam.” Femi narrated. “You slimy son of a gun.” David said jokingly. “But seriously how could you pass on an offer to date Shola?” Femi asked. “That girl is fine and has got brains as in brilliant.” Femi added. “Yea she is a nice girl as a matter of fact very decent and friendly but you know how we (men) can be now.” David said. “So we cool?” Femi asked stretching his hands for a brotherly hug. “We sure are.” David said hugging Femi back.

“Sorry to break the bromance.” Pam said from behind David. “Sexy Pam what’s up now?” Femi greeted. “Hey Pam, you look so good.” David hailed. “Did you go home to change or something?” David chipped in. “I have told you to stop calling me that.” Pam said facing Femi. “Hello Dave.”  Pam greeted David. “And yes I went home to change because I am going out with my boyfriend from here.” She added sarcastically. “Hahahahahaha.” Femi laughed. “Let me free you guys, Shola is almost here.” He added. “Ok Mr. Lover boy.” Pam said. “David.” Pam called snapping David back to life. “I was just joking about the boyfriend gist o.” Pam said. “You got me there.” David slurred.

Pam and David got talking and she explains why she was being so hard on him. She also told him she was single and she lied to him the other day about her having a boyfriend because she really liked him and was willing to find out if he would still push for a hang out.

“So you seem to be a gentleman just as I was told by Femi.” Pam said. “I am?” David responded smiling sheepishly. “Yea.” Pam answered. “Will you please be my girlfriend Pam?” David asked. “Come on things don’t work that way. You have not even known me, you have not even taken me out for lunch or taken me shopping and do all the fun things aspiring boyfriends do for girls they like.” Pam yakked. “Oops, I am sorry I was moving too fast. You are simply irresistible Pam.” David said. “Besides I don’t earn that much to do all these you have listed.” David added. “Oh really but you want to quickly have girlfriend abi? No wonder you are still single.” Pam responded. “I am sorry Pam, I guess I am not the right man for you.” David stated. “Awww you sound cute David. I just love messing with you. We would make a lovely couple.” Pam said. “Can I assume you are agreeing to date me Pamela?” David asked. “Hell No.” Pam responded. “I can consider you though because you called my name right unlike some Yoruba people.” She said chuckling. Yes David I will date you.


The End.

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