Pam and David……………… Episode 4

*Staff of the First Floor’s Lunch Time Out with the Boss

“Why are you always keeping to yourself?” The Managing Director (MD) asked David. “I have never seen you hold a conversation with anyone outside your floor.” The MD added. “Huh?” David muttered pointing at himself. “Yes you.” The MD retorted.

“It is not only about work, you should at least socialize once in a while with your colleagues. That was the same thing you did during the UK trip too, you were always indoors.” Added the MD. “I am sorry sir.” David responded. “You don’t need to be sorry, it is for your own good.” The MD said.

“Any impediment to discharging your daily duties?” The MD asked all in attendance. An unrehearsed no was the response he got. “Good.” The MD said. “Is there anyone who would love to swap Units or Departments?” The MD asked.

At first the room was quiet. The MD then asked all heads of Unit/Department to leave to ensure that their subordinates were comfortable with the question. The MD now asked again, who would want to change Units/Departments?

David slowly raising his right hand stated he would like to change his Unit.

“David is there a particular reason why you want to change your Unit? I thought you were doing what you loved doing as the Contents person? Are there any issues?” The MD presenting David with a flurry of questions. “Erm I think I will stay put where I am sir.” Thank you. David said. “What is wrong with this boy?” The MD asked jokingly. “Is there anything else?” The MD asked further. “The team chorused No.”

The MD asked that the Heads of Units/Departments to come back in to finish their lunch and asked all to return to their desks afterwards.


“What is wrong with you?” Femi asked David. “I am sorry I don’t follow bro?” David responded with a puzzled look. “You wanted to speak about something that was bothering you when the MD asked us who would love to switch Units. You just froze and changed your mind.” Femi retorted. “Well I just thought about what I was going to say and I didn’t want to put Rachael in trouble.” David responded. “Trouble? How?” Femi asked. “I clearly don’t get along with her and you know this but I will rather weather the storm than get her into trouble with the MD.” David said. “David you are missing something, you don’t have to be friends with Rachael. I believe she’s hard on you because she sees you have the potential to be the best in your field. So man up and stop being a sissy.” Femi said tapping David on the shoulder. “Okay, thanks Femi.” David responded. “I am sure the MD will still call you to find out if you really had anything to say back there. He worries about everybody so brace yourself up and prepare to tell him something good.” Femi quipped. “Yea I will.” David responded.

“Bad guy!!! How did it go with Pam yesterday?” Femi asked. “Please let’s not talk about her Femi.” David said. “What happened bro? Talk to me.” Femi pushed for an answer. “Femi drop it.” David raised his voice slightly. “Okay if you say so.” Femi said walking away. “I am sorry I snapped.” David said catching up with him. “She has a boyfriend and I expected you of all people to have told me she was a no go area.” David added. “Boyfriend?” Femi asked. “Yes she mentioned him when I asked her out on a date yesterday after the voluntary discussion session with the MD.”

Hmmm was all Femi could chip in.

“Is there something you think I should have known?” David asked. “No.” Femi answered.


David walked into the compound and it felt strange not seeing Shola anywhere around. He had lost out on the chance of dating Pam, could he score with Shola? These were the thoughts he had in his head. He proceeded to going to her flat to check up on her.

David knocked.

“Hi Shola.” David said. “Hello David.” Shola responded tying her wrapper properly. “I didn’t see you when I walked into the compound which was unusual so I decided to stop by and say hello before going to my flat.” David explained. “Oh thanks David.” Shola responded.

“Who is that Shola?” A male voice said from inside. “I am so sorry I didn’t know you had company.” David jealously said. “It’s my neighbor.” Shola responded looking inwards the apartment.

Shola’s male companion came out and saw David about walking away. He froze.

“Femi what are you doing here and how come you got here (from the office) before me?” David asked gnashing his teeth.

Shola steps in. “You guys should get a grip. David please leave, I would see you later.” Shola motioned to David. “Sorry bro.” Femi hollered.

David kept his cool and walked away.


“Hey David.” Pam said as she walked to David’s desk. “Hello Pam.” David responded. “Please I need a favour from you David.” Pam beckoned. “What can I do you for?” David asked. “I want Shile in I.T to help design a website for a client and would like you to help come up with contents for the website.” Pam said. “That will cost you N20, 000 (Twenty Thousand Naira).” David said without looking up.  “Haba David I asked for a favour.” Pam responded. “Well we all have targets and I have defaulted for the past 5 months so maybe it is time I started earning some business development points.” David sauntered.

“You seem to be in a bad mood.” Rachael said and walked away.

Abeg make everybody free me. David said in a low tone.


“What is wrong with your friend?” Pam asked Femi as she took her seat next to him at the staff cafeteria. “Please just let him be for now Pam. I think the game you are playing with him is getting to him.” Femi offered. “I don’t think so, I went to meet him for work not leisure and his response was cold.” Pam said. “Well I don’t know then.” Femi responded. “That’s strange, did you two have a fight?” Pam asked. “No, why?” Femi said. “Never mind.” Pam said.

David walks into the Cafeteria and on seeing Pam and Femi, he walked right out.

“And you say you two ain’t fighting?” Pam asked Femi again. “Well I can bet David left because he saw you.” Femi said looking at Pam. “David.” Femi called. “Get LOST.” David responded.

Hahahaha…………… Pam laughed and said to Femi, got ya. You better go and settle the beef with your friend so he can do my work. She chipped in laughing.

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