Pam and David…….. Episode 3

“Hello David.” Shola said as David walked into the compound. “Hi Shola, how was day?” David responded.

“I am fine and my day went very well. Thank you.” Shola replied.

“How was your day and how did it go with your boss at the office?” She asked him. “Well I have to first start by saying thank you very much for the inspiration last night and how can I forget the meal too. My boss liked the proposal. Thank you very much.” David said.

“Don’t mention David, I am glad I could be of help and most importantly I am happy you enjoyed the meal. So do you want me to make you something to eat tonight? You look pretty tired.” Shola said grabbing his hand. “I will be fine Shola”. David responded.

“Can we at least have a chat?” Shola asked. “I am sorry I will also have to decline on that offer too. I have to come up with a final draft of what you helped me work on last night.” David said. “I was not going to take much of your time, but do what you have to do.” Shola said walking away.

Sigh, why are women like this? First it was Pam overreacting and now Shola. David thought to himself as he walked into his apartment.



“Good morning Rachael.” David greeted as he walked into the Corporate Affairs Department. “Good morning.” Rachael responded not looking up. “I have come to show you the first draft of the presentation.” David said. “Put it in a flash and drop it on my table.”

Rachael replied still not looking up, engrossed with the story (Dear Future Husband) she was reading on . David did as he was told and left for his office.

On his way back to his office David bumps into Pamela.

“Hi Pam.” David said with a smile.

“Hello David.” Pam responded grudgingly.

“I am sorry about the other day, I had a deadline and I bumped into my boss on my way to the pitch who reminded me of the assignment I needed to deliver by the next morning.” David explained. I am so sorry he added. “It’s fine David.” Pamela replied. “I promise to make it up to you Pam.” David said. “Make it up? You don’t have to do anything, have nice day David.” Pam said walking away hurriedly.

There must be something about these ladies this week. Could it be that time of the month for all three of them? David thought to himself as he settled down at his desk to carry on with the day’s work.

*Femi had been in a corner eavesdropping all the while.


“Hey sexy Pam.” Femi said tickling Pam. “Stop jor.” Pam responded. “You really need to go easy on David, he didn’t mean to be a no-show the other day. He had a deadline and trust me he was close to losing his job. As a matter of fact you can say he’s lucky to still have his job.” Femi explained. “Please just be easy on him and remember he’s a shy guy he probably wouldn’t know how to put it to you.” Femi added. “I hear you Mr. Defender of the Universe.” Pam said. “But I would love to tease him a little.” She chipped in. “How do you mean?” Femi asked. “No worries, you will find out. He’s your guy. Not so?” Pam said.



Announcement: The Managing Director (MD) would be having a voluntary discussion session at the close of business and the discussion is on the late Stephen Keshi. Chidinma announced via the Public Address System


“Oh not again, I thought we had a session last week.” Femi said as he took a sit. “These sessions apparently are good for you.” David responded.

“Are you trying to say something?” Femi asked as he munched on Fastizers Fun Cookies chatting away on his phone. “The essence of these kinds of gathering is for you to learn more about other things asides what you do in your functional silo at the office.” David retorted.

“Oh you don’t say.” Femi said chuckling. “You don’t want your kids to ask you questions and you not having an idea of what they are talking about.” David chipped in laughing.

“Can we change the subject please?” Femi said timidly. “Okay bro. So what’s up with you?” David said. “Nothing much and yes I spoke to Pam and she said you guys saw earlier. Anyway she still seemed livid from Monday’s incident but I have been able to convince her it wasn’t your fault and that you are sincerely sorry.” Femi replied.

“Why are ladies like this?” David asked. “How do you mean?” Femi asked back.

“How come she believed you when you explained to her and she wouldn’t even listen to me?” David responded slightly raising his voice.

Femi laughed. “Well I have gotten you a wildcard to redeem yourself by 5pm today.” Femi said. “I don’t get you.” David sauntered.

“You saw me fondling my phone didn’t you? I was getting you another shot to be with Pam and that would be during the voluntary discussion today. Be prepared to sit next to her.” Femi narrated. “Gosh do I have to teach you everything?” Femi added. “Are you serious?” David asked.

“And you didn’t let me in on the plan? David chipped in.” “See this guy o.” Femi said. “Okay let me tell her you wouldn’t be available.” Femi said angrily. “Relax bro, someone cannot play with you?” David said.




The MD welcomed the attendees and asked each person present to say one or two things about the late former Super Eagles Captain and Coach. The MD then spoke extensively about the life and leadership approach of Keshi also known as the “Big Boss” ending the summit by taking questions from those in attendance.

“Not a bad session. I didn’t know the country had such a charismatic footballer.” David said to Pam.

“Yes a wonderful session but how would you know Stephen Keshi when you don’t even know jack about football.” Pam responded.

“You still seemed pissed though.” David muttered. “For the umpteenth time David, I am not upset.” Pam said.

“Pam can I ask you for something?” David said picking his words carefully. “Sure go ahead.” Pam said.

“Would you hang out with me on Friday night?” David asked. “Like a date?” Pam asked back.

“Just hang out over ice-cream and pizza. Nothing cheesy.” David replied. “And what do I tell my boyfriend? I am hanging out with another boy on a Friday night?” Pam asked.

“I didn’t mean it that way.” David stuttered. “I didn’t say you had ulterior motives David. I am just saying, if my boyfriend calls me during the said hang out day what do I tell him I am doing? You obviously don’t expect me to lie.” Pam clarified.

“My bad.” David said shyly, walking away. “Good night to you too.” Pam said going the other way.


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