Pam and David………… Episode 2

The walk to the Astro Turf was a pretty long one. David was about to lose his job if he didn’t come up with a better pitch for his presentation and now he’s been set up by Femi to have a chance at speaking with Pam.

Lost in his thoughts, David bumped into Rachael who was carrying a pile of files.

“Watch where you are going” Rachael squealed.

“I am very sorry” David apologized.

“Mr. man have you finished with the rework of the assignment you were given?” Rachael snapped at him. “You’d rather go and play football right? It seems you do not love your job anymore.” She added.

The words Rachael uttered, walking away. The only reason David was going to learn to hit a soccer ball right was because of Pamela, but if he didn’t wrap up his work in good time, he wouldn’t be seeing her again.


“Good evening David,” Shola said as he walked into the compound. “Hi.” He replied casually, heading for the stairs.

“Why the long face? She asked, stopping him. “Shola please not now”. He responded.

“At some point David you will have to speak to me. Just man up and tell me you do not ever want to have anything to do with me. We are neighbours for crying out loud. It’s you people that will tell us to shoot our shot, I’m doing it now and you are being immature about it, damn!!!” She ranted.

David took a deep breath. “Shola, it is not like that, I have had a long day and it might get worse.”

“David we all have problems but what good does it do us if we keep them to ourselves. I am not asking you to tell me whatever it is but do you think you can solve them all by yourself if you are already looking worn out?” She replied.

“It is work, Shola.” David started slowly, I am in a big fix that might get me out of a job in the next 12 hours if it is not sorted.

“I totally get it if you do not want to speak to me about it and yes these things happen to the best of us. Now let me pitch this to you.” She said holding his right hand. I will make you dinner while you relax and try to make sense of whatever you have to do. Is that fine? Shola asked. You can even think out loud, who knows I might have a silly idea or two that could be helpful she added.

“Okay I guess that will be fine then.” he answered.


“David what sort of embarrassing stunt did you pull yesterday evening?” Femi yelled “We waited for you at the pitch! Pam was there and you didn’t show up.”

“Calm down, Femi I did not intend to stand you up David responded. You remember how I was trying to tell you I might not be having a desk come today? If you had heard me out you probably would not be upset with me right now but pray for me.” David stated.



Rachael smiled as David walked into her office.

“Please have a seat”. She said.

David looking confused gently pulled a chair and sat down. She was smiling which wasn’t strange but the odd thing was he was offered a seat by Rachael, so he didn’t know what to expect. Has my stay at the organization been cut short by this mishap? He thought to himself.

“I am really impressed with the re-work”. Rachael finally said snapping him out of his thoughts. “This will work and I am amazed that you truly have something up in your head.” She added.

“Thank you.” David responded. He didn’t even know how to react.

“Go and put the proposal into PowerPoint slides and also prepare yourself to pitch to Senior Management next week Monday at the EXCO meeting.” Rachael quipped.

“Huh?” David muttered. “Yes you heard me right.” Rachael retorted.

“Okay I will bring the first draft tomorrow.” David responded as he took his leave.



“Hi David.” Pam said. “

Hello Pam.” David greeted back.

“I am so sorry for standing you up yesterday, I didn’t mean to.” David quickly added.

“So what is your excuse for not turning up?” Pam asked.

“I had a deadline to meet. I was on my way to the pitch when I was reminded again by Rachael that if I didn’t come up with a better presentation of the proposal I am currently working on I would lose my job.” David explained.

“Oh really? You expect me to believe that bullshit story you just dropped?” Pam said and walked away.

“It’s the truth Pam.” David said. “Please the football game didn’t last the whole day”. Pam snapped banging the door of the first floor as she walked out.

“Damn it, what’s it with ladies and impatience?” David muttered.

“Hey David”. Femi said stretching his hand towards David.

“What’s it with ladies and impatience?”  David asked Femi.

“What happened?” Femi asked.

“I was trying to explain to Pam what happened yesterday and she just snapped at me and walked out.” David responded.

“Hahahahahahaha.” Femi laughed. “That’s why you are looking like you have the world on shoulders?” Femi said. “Relax man.” Femi added.

“But seriously why is she upset?” David asked. “David like I said calm down.” Femi said. “She is upset and rightly so bro.” Femi chipped in.

“How do you mean?” David asked. “You know she squeezed out a slot for you for the game yesterday evening? She even got in a heated argument with Michael because she was keeping your slot for you.” Femi explained.

“Wow, I have messed up big time.” David yelled forgetting he was in a corporate organization. “You sure did and a phone call would have been good enough.” Femi added.

“How do I get out of this mess?” David asked.

“Just go to Slot across the road and get her an iPhone 7.” Femi joked.

“Very funny.” David retorted.

“Please be serious.” David added. “Relax bro, I got you.” Femi said. “So how did it go with Rachael?” Femi asked.

“As you can see I still have a desk.” David responded. “Nice one, so drinks on you on Friday bro.” Femi said walking out. “For your mind, work still plenty.” David said to the air.

Thank GOD at least the hard bit has been done, I am left to undoing the mess with Pam. David said to himself as he unlocked his laptop to finish the first draft of his presentation.

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