Pam and David……….. Episode 1

Nobody likes Monday! David was not an exception and this Monday morning, he was going to be in more trouble than he had envisaged. He had woken up thirty minutes late on a day he had to pitch his new plans for the content section of the company to the director. Definitely not a great way to start. He tugged into his jeans and sneakers hurriedly as he kept his eyes on the clock. He had exactly ten minutes to make the BRT bus to Obanikoro. He grabbed his Mac book and a sweatshirt and made for the stairs.

“David! Good morning” Shola said as she stopped him on the stairway.

He managed to catch his breath. Shola, his next door neighbour, wasn’t the lady he wanted to have a conversation with that morning but he couldn’t help it, she always had something to say to him. He guessed she might have a crush on him. She was a sweet lady but he couldn’t act on her feelings because he had sold his ‘mumu’ buttons to a lady at the office who wouldn’t even see him. “Shola, I am running late. Can we do this in the evening?” He asked.

Shola wasn’t buying it. “You said this yesterday.”

“And I am saying this today too. Please, I’ll say hi once I’m back.” He said, bailing himself out and running down the stairs. He could hear Shola hiss as he escaped her but he couldn’t be bothered. Today was not the day for fickle emotions.


“Hold that door!”

David didn’t just hold the door, he held his breath! Well literally because he had to use his hand to stop the elevator door from jamming. He was stupid, he should have used his leg but he couldn’t think straight as the voice that had asked for his help was Pam’s.

“I am so sorry.” Pamela said as the elevator door shut after them. David was squirming in pain, even though he tried to be cool about this. She could see this. She managed a smile. “A drop of hot coffee on the hand could actually ease the pain.”

David turned to her with a raised eyebrow. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Pam replied with an assuring stare.

He stretched his hand forward with hope.

Pam burst into a horrid laugh. “Seriously?!”

David got the joke and then smiled. “Good joke. I am David. I am the content creator.”

“Of course, I know you.” She replied and stepped out of the elevator as they reached the last floor.


“Man United messed up big time, how could they have handed Martial’s squad number to Ibrahimovic without his consent?” Femi could be heard having a chat with some of the guys in Finance and Accounts Department. “It is bollocks!” one of the guys responded.

“And I hear they are still in pursuit of Paul Pogba for an outrageous fee of €105m, what is football turning into? Anyway when the likes of Antonio Conte’s Chelsea and Pep Guardiola’s Man City deal with us well this season maybe we would understand Foreman does not mean Four Man (Four Men)”. Femi added.

David walked in with a grimace on his face, still seething from the pain, but not enough pain to keep him away from discussing football. “Femi, the Pogba buy might make triple the amount being paid for him in terms of merchandize sales and season tickets, I am only saying though.” “No way David, I disagree” Femi retorted. “If Pogba is bought that much then maybe countries should be sold to get the services of Ronaldo and Messi.” He added.

David chuckled. “But, remember Paul Pogba has got age on his side, he’s only 23.” David said.

“Anyway how was your weekend bro and why have you been clutching your wrist, are you okay?” Femi asked, changing the topic.

“It was a minor accident but its fine.” David responded.

“Its fine and you have been rubbing on it since you got here? You better go to Admin and get Deep Heat or something for the pain you are making a mess at hiding” Femi chipped in, getting off his desk.

“I will Femi but that is not the reason I am here, I want to speak to you about something that really bothers me and I hope I can confide in you?” David indicated in a low tone.


David stood before Rachel as she examined the document he had spent all night working on. She wasn’t smiling, so maybe that was positive for him. The irony with Rachel was; if she had the cause to laugh while taking a look at your work, it was sure that you had done crap. So, her not laughing was good news for David right now. He waited anxiously for her response which wasn’t coming. He was slowly beginning to think her silence was another negative.

“Okay!” Rachel announced and looked up from the laptop with a smile. “This is crap.”

David swallowed painfully. He had stayed up all night to do that work. How could she call it crap?!

“When I turn in figures for the month, it’s going to be short because your Unit is so clueless about what to do in moving in the organization forward. Do you know what that means?”

David nodded slowly.

“No, you don’t.” She replied, rising to her feet. “Here’s what going to happen. I’m going to give you another chance and that’s twenty four hours to come up with a game plan. Something that can push massive traffic to our site and inadvertently push our ratings out there and if by the end of that deadline, I’m still smiling over your work; you might as well clean out your stuff.” She concluded, closing the lid of the laptop.

David picked the laptop and hurried out. Now his day was going from bad to worse. He had to figure out something and quickly too. He slid into his chair as soon as he returned to the common room and opened his laptop. He had no idea of what to do but he needed to come up with something.

“Hey man, I have got news.”

“Now is not the time.” David replied.

Femi took his seat on the table. “What did Rachel say to have you so worked up?”


Femi shrugged. “Then I have got news!”

“I don’t want to hear anything you have to say, Femi!” David barked.

Femi stared at him with some concern. “Bro, what’s up man? You are yelling at me.”

David took a deep breath. “I am sorry but I need you to get off my table right now because if you don’t, I am not going to have a table by next tomorrow.”

“That bad?!” Femi probed.

David nodded.

“Hello guys!” Pam said walking in with a folder.

David turned to Femi with a ‘what is she doing here’ stare. Femi winked at him in response before returning to his seat.

Pam walked over to David. “I got your request. You are in alpha team for the football game. See you at six.” She said and walked out.

Football!!! He was terrible at football and Femi knew this!


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