Throw Back: My Favourite Brazilian

I have seen a lot of football games and though I have loved the game before knowing (not personally) this man but watching him play sealed the love I still have for the sport. This short man is definition of being blessed (skill wise) and yes I call everybody shorter than myself short even if its by half an inch (not to worry I get height intimidated at home). The first time I saw him play was on the night of the 20th of June,1994 when Brazil the country he represented at the U.S. 1994 World Cup played against Russia. I was supposed to be in bed when the game kicked off because there was school the next day (I clearly remember it was a Monday night) but hey I had a cool mum whom was very understanding and knew the love I had for the sport was second to the love I had for her (rest on mom).

That game ended 2-0 in Brazil’s favour and the little man was amongst the scorers. I couldn’t wait to see the next game against Cameroon. I wasn’t disappointed one bit as the little wizard was pumped up all through the 90 minutes against the West Africans. The game ended 3-0 ensuring Brazil secured their place in the second round of the World Cup and the diminutive forward (I always found it weird if strikers were that small) scored one of the goals. I couldn’t wait for Monday (the game was played on a Friday evening) to tell my friends about the little genius. I bugged my brother Big Doz about this tiny wizard’s past on the field and why I had never heard of  him before the U.S. 1994 World Cup. He went on to be crowned best player at the tournament helping his country win their 4th World Cup trophy. He was also named best player in the world at the end of the year.

Born on the 29th of January, 1966 (I was born 29th of December), he was capped 70 times for Brazil scoring 55 goals (very impressive goal to game ratio). He played for 10 clubs with Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven and Vasco Da Gama the most notable of the lot. Let me add that when he returned for a second stint with Vasco Da Gama he single-handedly annihilated my beloved Man Utd (the then European champions, as a matter of fact won the treble the previous year) at the FIFA Club Champions. The game ended 3-1 and he scored twice in 3 first half minutes. 

His name is Romario De Souza Faria, the best Brazilian footballer ever. Did someone say Pele? I am sorry, I never saw Pele play. Thank you for the memories Romario #Legend. 
Thanks for your time guys and stay BLESSED. 
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