Top 15 Sporting Moments of 2015

Hi guys,as part of plans to wrap up the year I have decided to come up with another controversial list. This year has been so interesting in the world of sports and I must say most of my favourite sports stars ensured I had some sort of bragging rights whenever there had to be a banter with my family and friends. So I have decided to share my top 15 Sporting Moments of the year 2015. 

Feel free to rip me apart afterwards with your comments below.

15. The biggest fight in boxing history happened. Floyd ‘Moneyman’ Mayweather defeated Manny ‘The PacMan’ Pacquiao on points. 

14.  Kobe Bryant announces retirement from basketball. Long time coming 
13. Neymar’s goal against Villareal on the 8th of November 2015

12. 4 Great Britain reps (England, Wales, North Ireland and Republic of Ireland) at Euro 2016 holding in France. Some might argue that it is because the competition was expanded to host 24 teams from the usual 16.

11. Ronaldo named Balon D’or winner in January. A well deserved 3rd crown

10. Juan Mata’s second goal against Liverpool on the 22nd of March, 2015…. In your face Kopites

9. I predicted Chelsea would win the EPL this year and they did, now they are battling to stay in the division #OkBye

8. Rooney’s 50th goal for England, yea terrible form for club but he is doing the business for the Three Lions of England

7. Jamie Vardy breaks Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s record of goals scored in consecutive matches at Old Trafford. Yes I am a Man Utd fan and I would have loved if it was a Man Utd player that broke the record.

6. Golden State Warriors won the NBA title defeating Miami Heat in the final

5. Robert Lewandoski’s 5 goal feat against Wolfsburg was amazing. For someone to come off the bench and score 5 goals in 9 minutes was unbelievable. 

4. Serena Williams has to be the best sporting lady in the world. 3 Grandslams in 2015 and she’s 34. She ended the year as number at the WTA Tour of 2015. I am sure she would get a Grandslam or two in 2016. Steffi Graf be afraid be very afraid.

3.  Novak Djokovic proved the success of 2014 was no fluke, winning 3 Grandslams in 2015 and ending the year as World Number 1.

2. Tyson Fury’s victory over Vladimir Klitschko. That was one helluva moment.

1. Lewis Hamilton winning the Formula 1 title again. This was his 2nd title in as many years and his 3rd overall. I know he would win it again in 2016. #TeamMercedes, though as a regular car I am not a Mercedes person.

And yes thanks guys for the birthday wishes, I really felt special especially after some of my friends still fished me out, coming to jolly with me from a distance. May the ALMIGHTY bless us all and 2016 will be a better year than 2015 was.

Thanks for your time people and see you in 2016. 
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6 thoughts on “Top 15 Sporting Moments of 2015

  1. No ripping apart for me. #biggrin. Well said. Nice and constructive. Keep it up boss. I guess u forgot to add LVG destroying what took Sir Fergie 26years to build. #OKBYE

  2. Mourinho’s sack!

  3. Ihr Blog ist ein Erfolg, sehr voll. Ahhh Wenn die Leidenschaft da ist, ist alles 🙂

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