I was asked a few questions and no time to think. It was fun though, maybe because it was a lady that was asking. Remember I wasn’t given time to think before answering these questions. She was a bully jare. So bear in mind that most of the questions were answered under duress. Find the questions below:

Favourite Movie: A low down dirty shame (Kenon Ivory Wayans and Jada Smith)

Favourite Book: Doom’s Day Conspiracy (Sydney Sheldon)

Top 5 Footballers ever : Zinedine Zidane, Eric Cantona, Romario De Souza Faria Filho, Diego Armando Maradona and Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima

Favourite drink: Water

Favourite snack: Mr Biggs burger

Favourite car: LR 4

Favourite BIble verse : Isaiah 12: 1-6

Favourite Comedian : Kevin Hart

Favourite footballer: Andreas Iniesta

Best Basketballer : Kevin Durrant

Best Ever Basketballer : Shaquille O’neal

Best Basketball Team : Oklahoma City Thunder

Whom are you missing at the moment : My parents (R.I.P)

Favourite Naija artiste : Olamide

Favourite Foreign artiste : Jay Z

Favourite album bought : It’s dark and hell is hot (DMX)

Last movie seen at the cinema: MIB 3 *covers eyes*

There you have it. There are some questions I rushed in answering.

Thanks for your time and please don’t forget to nominate me in the personal blog category and the sports blog category of the Nigerian blog awards ( Just enter in both columns of the stated categories. Stay Blessed

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