My Bayelsa Story: NYSC Wahala Part 1

I got my call up letter close to a year after graduation. Do I still need to tell you the name of my school? I didn’t think so too, you would have already known. I was posted to Bayelsa State, silly me I didn’t runs it and I was seriously beefing my friend that was posted to Lagos (we all know how it’s done). His posting to Lagos didn’t surprise me, however what surprised me that period was my hall mate that was posted to Taraba but later got a Lagos posting. I saw her call up letter clearly read Taraba when we all collected ours and I also saw her with a letter that read Lagos. How did that happen? People get leg o.

I called my brother to tell him where I was posted to and he said I should go to Bayelsa for the 3 weeks orientation camp (seriously why is the orientation that long?) and that he would help me redeploy. I didn’t know GOD had better plans for me. The day before I was scheduled to head for camp I bought my bus ticket from Cross Country, got all my stuff ready and when it was about 9pm I went to see my dad to tell him I would be leaving for Bayelsa first thing the next morning and as you would guess tax the man too. When I left my old man’s place, my cousin and I headed for a joint nearby to have a few drinks before going home to sleep before the long bus ride the next morning. All my stuff were in my cousin’s car and something kept pricking me to go and drop my bag at home first before the faaji (before having fun), but I didn’t.

After a few bottles with my cousin and a family friend, we decided to leave and as I was paying for the asun we had, my cousin came back to me saying he couldn’t find the car. I thought it was a joke until we found ourselves asking the guy that parked where we parked before the car got missing if he had seen our car at that same spot where he parked like if he had seen it he would have parked his car right on top of our own. I was dead inside, I couldn’t utter a word when it dawned on me that truly the car had been stolen. What was I to tell my mum, dad, brothers and the people that mattered? We went to the nearest police station and it was obvious they couldn’t help. All my documents (WAEC certificate, call up letter, BSc statement of result and a host of other things) were gone. I thought of a way out as we strolled home. I called my dad to tell him what happened, he was pissed but he calmed down later. I couldn’t look my mum in the eye to tell her I was drinking whilst all my documents were stolen with her nephew’s car.

As I lay down to sleep I was hoping things would get better by morning. I was totally wrong, these items including my cousin’s car had disappeared for good. We went to court to swear an affidavit and also to the police station to get a police report as I had decided to go to Bayelsa and see if I would be allowed into camp with photocopies of all the documents required. The police report was to serve as evidence that my documents were stolen. My friends were already calling me to find out how far I had gone with my journey to Bayelsa. Plans had changed, I couldn’t ride with Cross Country again, had to go to Port Harcourt by air then connect Bayelsa via bus or cab and yes Cross Country refunded my money. I called my friend who was serving in Port Harcourt that I would be spending the night with him because my flight was late in the evening. I got to Port Harcourt and my friend was already at the airport to get me. As we went to his quarters I narrated the events of the previous night to him. I had not eaten all day and I didn’t have an appetite but I managed to take lacasera before falling asleep.

To be continued, but I will only carry on if you enjoyed this so please drop your comments and share stating if I should continue the story.

Thanks for reading……………………………………………………………………………………. BLESS!!!

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24 thoughts on “My Bayelsa Story: NYSC Wahala Part 1

  1. Pls, do continue..

  2. YesBoss….thank God u didn’t go to Bayelsa camp….i saw hell der…nice piece bro…waiting for a piece on our school stuffz like “Kola’s end” “concord tins” etc

  3. On tuesday, I saw my baby off to the bus park as she headed to camp. There I saw a lady whose bag containing all her documents was stolen. It was heart wrenching watching her cry.

  4. Omuti jatijati…to think that am reading dis while am getting ma own documents together is funny…pele.your story kindof gave me a smile after d morning stress…waiting to read d rest of d story.

  5. Yes, I rem dat story , but I suppose feat insiide am na we suppose meet for cross country pack for u come tell me d incedent but we fank God sha. As got dat taraba chic , I no dey surprised .

  6. Very interesting, Grabbed my attention from the very beginning, the storyline flows well, we all want to know what happened after spending the night in portharrcourt! Intrigued, yes . you have a very distinct style of writing . Keep it up. Don’t stop writing ! It’s one of your passions , but I think football comes first . Have a nice day

  7. Plz cont, am njoyin it

  8. Even tho I rem u told me a lil about the loss of your docs,didn’t know u were boozing ROTF…anyways,eagerly anticipating the continuation abeg. Maybe I’ll drop a piece of my experience at Rivers camp too…with your permission oo

  9. Na wa ooo… Dipopo no be small thing o! Please afterward write on life at school. It will be a masterpiece…. This your story dey funny die, I can imagine how you go look that day. *awaiting continuation.

  10. Dipopo continue abeg. Pls do as daygee has said, life in school will be a masterpiece esp. Kola’s end.

  11. U b yeye boy swizz .wetin end the let me catch u o

  12. Dipo I know this story but u told it differently. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  13. Olobe omuti gbagbe ishe lmao… Walahi if u knw continue ehn I go *zipit* ogbeni are u sleeping on a bicycle abeg continue joor and se ponche sef follow una drink ????

  14. Lol! Drunkard, U stil 1 chop asun wit orientatn camp money, popsy paid big den

  15. Waiting to read d rest

  16. Dipo please continue!!! Your write-ups are superb!

  17. Yes i luv d story,its touch pls continue

  18. Dipo!!!! What’s d suspense for now? Pls finish dis piece.. And yes I was ebjoyin it till u decide to cut it short.

  19. I rili want 2 no wat happened 2 dose documents of yours,its quite interestn

  20. Hello everyone i just wanted to say some things and give advice

    concerning those that have just graduated, i will say that i’ve just

    finished serving and i can recall in the past when i just graduated,

    and i was given call up letter to serve, i was posted to kastina, i

    remembered how scared i was cos of the bombings by boko haram and i

    didn’t want to risk my life so i decided to contact an NYSC official

    for help, so i con tacted Mr Ayodele and he helped me change the state

    i was posted to , the only thing that happened is that instead of

    following batch A i was delayed , SO I ended up following batch B the

    next batch to camp. For those going for service i would advice to

    resiast being posted to the north for your safety. You can call Mr

    Ayodele on 09031791184 to determine what state you want to be psted tro

    serve, he is always ready to help.

  21. interesting piece …..i am sure u wld hv kept looking at the spot the car was parked for a while to certify ur vision wasnt impaired by the drink lmao…its all an interesting story of a lifetime now…..waiting for part 2

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