RDM sacked? ehn kini big deal?

You people should relax jor, its a norm for a sole proprietor to take whatever decision he/she likes. After all Roman Abrahamovic owns Chelsea FC. Its sad that there’s hasn’t been a stable manager at the club but that has also been a norm at Chelsea even before Abrahamovic bought the club. When I say stability I mean Managers like David Moyes not to mention Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson.
I am sure we saw the Roberto Di Matteo sack coming. Haba no win dis month? I just hope say dem no go fall Europe hand for the Fifa world club cup. Its a sad case that he was sacked, but really is it our money??? Infact I blame Di Matteo after winning the Champions league he should have walked away, most especially when there were issues surrounding an extension to his contract.
Arsenal fans abeg make una park well. You guys are making fun of the blues. Atleast they have the balls to sack under performing managers. The world is confused about who owns Arsenal FC. It could Wenger anyway. Mark Hughes who hasn’t won a game this season as QPR Manager still has a job though. AMAZING.

Managers come and go…………

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2 thoughts on “RDM sacked? ehn kini big deal?

  1. Yea he shld have walked away wen he had d chance , but no p as he has made a record for him self .

  2. Lolz. Its not our money sha na true. Even mancini still got a job me sef surprised.

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